Friday, 20 February 2015

Rough Sawn Look, Douglas Fir Details. 2013

Architectural Drawings
Preliminary Sketchup Plans

Existing Conditons, Site Visit.

Stock has arrived from B.C.!

King Post

King and Collar

Collar Tie Dovetail Lap Joint
Sleep beside your work!!
Test Fit

Test fitting 8x8 interior trusses.


En Route to Site!

Ryan getting ready for the install.

Ryan and Nathan installing the gables.

Look at this guy!

Interior trussed installed.

Now to finish up the entry.

Nathan of H.G. Carpentry and Joinery enjoying his work.

Here's Pete making some final adjustments.

Corbels installed.

A view of the front, near completion. Good work by everyone involved.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Douglas Fir Exterior Details 2012

Main Bent, rafters built up from 8/4 stock in order to accomodate existing roof trusses.

Kiln dried Douglas Fir, through mortises with lapped tenons.

End grain sealed with wax.

Pete with the material lift, double tenons on ends of posts.

Lights recessed into posts.

Almost done, cool fall weather.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Timber Frame Porch

Another Wolseley porch, this time timber frame style. 

Starts with tearing out the old deck... and creating a new footing.

Ravi is building the rebar towers:

Ready for a pour:

Gilles and myself have some crazy ideas. Mansard roof? Maybe a timber framed awning?

Main Bent:

Tie beam to house and corner post:

Main beam to tie beam connection, with dragon tie!

The corner joint above the post is based on a Japanese style timber joint with four dovetails:

Plate joints:

After the Raising:

The steps:

Closing in:

Final effect: